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If you are looking for the best package service, there is no need to worry, just take it to your office address.  That way you only need to wait at home until then the package arrives at its destination.

The central anteraja office is located at Kuningan City Mall, 6-7th Floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Kav 18, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, DKI Jakarta 12940, Indonesia.  However, to make deliveries using anteraja you don’t need to come to the head office, especially if you live in the area.

You just need to go to one of the office addresses of the nearest branch from the place of residence. This anteraja branch outlet is already available in all regions in Indonesia, so all regions can be reached by  this delivery  service, including remote parts of the country.

Thanks to this package delivery service, sending goods to distant families becomes very easy. Activities such as sending birthday gifts, wedding anniversaries and gifts to give to friends can be easily sent throughout Indonesia.

Anteraja also provides shipping costs or commonly abbreviated as shipping costs at low prices but not cheap. Because they will always provide the best service in every delivery of goods.

In addition, there are still many other benefits that you can get by using  this delivery service  that you may not have known before.  For that, see the information that we have summarized below about the advantages of sending goods to the office address.

Package Delivery Service ke Anteraja Office Address Serves Various Expeditions Throughout Indonesia

As mentioned above, sending goods by visiting one of the office addresses can reach all corners in Indonesia. This is certainly very suitable for those of you who have a business and need long-distance delivery services to all parts of Indonesia.

By bringing business products to anteraja office, you have the opportunity to expand your business wings because anteraja provides delivery services that reach all regions of our country, starting from Sabang which is located in Aceh Province to Merauke in Papua Province.

Even though it has served almost all cities in Indonesia, anteraja still provides the best service by always prioritizing quality in order to satisfy all its customers.  That way they can trust the performance of this delivery service and always use anteraja for the needs of shipping goods by coming to alamat anteraja office.

In carrying out the delivery process, anteraja also has several services that you can choose from, including regular package delivery, next day, to the fastest same day.

  1. Regular

This service may be the most in demand by customers. Sebab, this regular service has the most affordable or cheap price among other services. However, anteraja provides these cheap rates while still paying attention to the quality and safety of goods when sent.

  1. Next day

You can choose this service if you want to send something but are hunted by time. The next day package service is guaranteed to arrive the next day. How about it, isn’t it interesting?

  1. Same day

Same day is the most suitable last choice for you to choose if you want to send or receive goods on the same day. However, this service is only effective in Jabodetabek and major cities that have complete logistics.

Anteraja Serves Pick Up Packages di Sender’s House

Among you, there must be those who are lazy to deliver goods to your office address because of time constraints or have other personal activities. Don’t worry, this freight forwarding service also has other services which will benefit you as a customer.

This one service is very beneficial for customers because the delivery service or experiential will pick up the package directly from the house where you live.  That way you don’t have to leave the house to bring things to your office.

This can also help the government in the success of government programs to reduce positive cases of Covid-19 during a pandemic like today. If you do the government’s advice by staying at home, it is hoped that the pandemic can end soon and life can return to normal soon.

The trick is to install the anteraja application on your smartphone or smartphone. Then, you can select the request pick up packet option on the application. Furthermore, just waiting for the courier to come to pick up the goods to  be sent so there is no need to go to alamat anteraja office.

However, in order not to have any misunderstandings, it is more if you know in advance the pickup request schedule until the pickup pick-up schedule that this expedition service company has. Here’s an update on anteraja’s latest pickup request and pick-up schedule.

  1. If you request pickup at 08.00 – 09.59, the package will be picked up at 10.00 – 12.00
  2. If you request pickup at 10.00 – 11.59, the package will be picked up from the anteraja office address at 1 00 – 1 4.00
  3. If you request pickup at 12.00 – 13.59, the package will be picked up at 1 00 – 1 6.00
  4.  If you request pickup at 00 – 15.59, the package will be picked up  from the anteraja office address at 16.00 – 1 8.00
  5. If you request pickup at 16.00 – 17.59, the package will be picked up at 18.00 – 20.00

Package Weighed Directlyd i Pick Up Location

Perhaps, at this moment you have in your mind. If the package is picked up by the courier then how to weigh the weight of the goods which is the price of the shipping cost. If the package is first brought to the office address to be weighed, can it be transparent?

It doesn’t mean not believing, but being on guard is a must to avoid various kinds of scams. If you get scammed by  irresponsible goods, of course you will experience losses, especially in shipping costs.

The ekspedisi package service is not responsible, it can take advantage of the ignorance of its customers by increasing the weight of the scale of the packaged goods from the original weight and raising the shipping costs that must be paid by the customer. They can set the price up to 5 times the original postage price.

This is certainly very unfavorable for customers, the money that should have been used to return to produce merchandise, was even used up because it was squeezed out by irresponsible couriers.

However, by using a trusted package delivery service such as anteraja this will never happen.  Your package will be picked up at home and then weighed at that time and then directly taken to alamat office anteraja to be sent. So, everything will be transparent and there is no fraud that can harm you.

In addition, customers will also be notified of the postage price per kg. Each service, whether regular, next day, up to sameday will have a different price. You can also check the price of shipping to the destination of the package using the anteraja website.

Delivery Receipt Number Can Be Obtained Immediately

In conducting online business, especially those related to product buying and selling transactions,e-kspedition services are very necessary. Especiallyif buyers and sellers have a long distance to different provinces.

In the delivery process, to monitor the movement of goods from the seller to the buyer, the freight forwarder will use this number to track the status of the delivery of the goods has arrived.

For those of you who are impatient, you definitely want the goods to immediately arrive by knowing the travel route thathas been taken by the package. So, by using this receipt number you can track your goods when you are on your way to home.

The receipt itself is a unique number given by the expedition service after the goods are sent received by them. This unique number can later be used as proof of the sender by the sender or seller.

So when you are going to pick up goods at a package expedition service, you only need to show this receipt number as proof of delivery of the goods.  Therefore, the receipt number is very important for you to have.

By bringing the package to your office address or using the request pickup service as previously explained, you will immediately get a receipt number once the delivery item is received by the courier or their employees.

If that’s the case, you just need to wait for the goods to arrive at the destination address by always tracking it using the receipt number that has been obtained before. How about it, it’s easy isn’t it?

Anteraja  Delivery Process Is Fast To Arrive

One of the most important aspects in choosing a freight forwarding service both outside the city and outside the province is the speed in the delivery process. If you are an online entrepreneur, the sooner the package reaches the consumer’s home, the better the reviews from them will definitely be.

This can help increase the rating of your store or product so that more people buy it. However, usually the faster the process of sending a package, the more expensive it will also be.

If it continues so your business can become stuck, because of swollen expenses on the cost of the package expedition. Well, the solution is to bring your packaged goods to your office address.

Because by bringing it to the office, anteraja offers freight forwarding services quickly to arrive, but at affordable prices. You can choose various speeds of the package delivery process ranging from same day, next day, to regular.

The Same Day  service is most appropriate to  use if you are a person who can’t wait for the presence of the package, the package can be a surprise gift or a much-needed item.  However, please note that this service has not been effective in all regions.

Next is layanan Next Day, this  service is a  delivery that only takes  two days or 48 hours, the goods have arrived at their destination. Starting with a price of Rp8,000 per kg you can already enjoy this service.

Regular Service is the most commonly used delivery service, and is different from same day and next day. Because this service is quite longer delivery than the two services.

Can Track Anteraja Packages Easily

A good package expedition service will always provide easy package tracking services for its customers. It also aims to make it easier for customers to know where their goods have arrived when on the way.

By bringing merchandise to your office address, you can track packages easily. In fact, you can do it only through a smartphone or smart phone.

If you know that the packaged goods have arrived anywhere on the way, your heart feels calm because you are not afraid of losing the goods. Here’s how to track a package if you use anteraja expedition service.

  1. Open the website on your phone or laptop.
  2. Enter the delivery receipt number before it has been obtained from the courier or other employee.
  3. Fill in the captcha that appears on the screen.
  4. If so, then click track and your package’s travel history will immediately appear.

The best package expedition services will always provide quality and satisfy its customers. One of them is to bring the package to the anteraja office address which is the best package expedition service.

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