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Of course, don’t miss the latest version of  CPNS   in  West Java so you can get the most up-to-date information. As we know, civil servants are one of the professions that are widely desirable for all people in Indonesia.

It’s no surprise that this job can grab the attention of everyone, including people in  West Java, but in order to qualify, you need  to  know the latest information so you can do thorough preparation.

Because the competition is very tough to get a position in it, given that a lot of people think that working as a civil servant is a very promising job. Because later, when you get old, you’ll get benefits.

So preparation is very important, including with regard to basic information for open education, so you know what to do, so he won’t waste time so that he can be used to train a West Java civil servant.

What’s more, preparation must also be done in advance to make it more optimal. Because later you’ll be competing with thousands of people for just one seat, so don’t miss the opportunity if you want to get a position.

Because many people underestimate the selection process so much that they are not optimal. Despite the fact that 1st place can be provided by hundreds of people, the competition is very tough.

 The Y ang Formation is opened by the West Java Regional Government

One of the basic  things about West Java CPNS that you should  know is about the formations that are opening, which is very important because it can help you choose which formation is right and the competition isn’t too fierce.  

Therefore, it is very important to know information about this formation so that you can make preparations according to the chosen one. Because each formation has its own rules regarding its tests.

Of course, the formation opened by the provincial government is almost the same as the formation in the previous year, which prioritizes the teacher workforce, so that even all schools in the hinterland can be accessible. In addition to teachers, medical workers are also needed, which at this time is a pandemic, so it requires a lot of staff.

In addition, there are technical personnel who can support the direction of regional development. Of course, knowing the different kinds of entities opened at   the West Javan CPNZ  , it is easy for you to choose so that when it is opened later, you will not be confused.

Because there are so many options you can  take, it’s not uncommon to create confusion when choosing, and even potentially the wrong choice, so hopefully there won’t be a mistake in the choice.

It’s very important to know what entities are and their tasks, so that when registering later  , they know what to do so that it is not useless to register. But there are still many people who are not looking for basic information, so they get confused when registering, so they have the potential to choose the wrong formation.

 Documents required during registration

In the  West,  Java CPNS  certainly requires supporting documents, this information is equally important because it can help you draft documents as quickly as possible and simplify the registration process.

Of course, the registration process between entities is actually the same, except that some entities request supporting documents in order to be able to choose quality human resources.  The documents  you’ll need when registering later are similar to a photo pass that has a red background, all photos are also needed when storing your ID and account registration card.

Later, applicants will also need a photocopy of THEIR KTP and KK, as well as a diploma and transcript of grades relative to the last education. Of course, each formation also has requirements regarding the minimum limit of its final education.

Documents in  West Java CPNS  also have a cover letter where it is addressed to your chosen agency, of course, some agencies also ask for supporting documents, such as certificates or proof that you did well in school. Of course, the document is a support so that you can find out how qualified you are.

So it would be great if you provided it, but it’s not necessary. However, there are also documents that are mandatory, so you should  read them carefully so as not to make a mistake in providing them.

Because the completeness of this document is very important, because it has a great impact on whether it will pass or not at the first stage. Because there are still many potential applicants who make mistakes at the time of registration.

 Preparationmust be done before application

As we know,   west Javanese CPNS  has a very high level of competition, so you need careful preparation to avoid losing. Of course, this thorough preparation must be done in advance so that it can be maximized even more during the test day.

There are so many preparations that you have  to do, where it is imperative to know if you want to become an employee. One of the preparatory work that needs to be done concerns administrative requirements, where all the necessary documents do not have to be prepared as fully as possible.

Because it’s a shame if you don’t go through the first step because the requested documents aren’t executed, and you need a lot of paperwork so you can find information about what documents are needed.

Also,  in West Java CPNS  you have to study the material that will come out, where learning this has a big impact on whether the test passes or not.   The material that needs to be studied is like history, where it will be asked a lot, especially about the history of Indonesia.

Then don’t forget to understand the 1945 Constitution, which is included in the section of the national comprehension test. However, the Constitution does not need to  memorize it, but simply understand it, because there are many of them.

Also, don’t forget to learn math as well, because later  you’ll run into counting questions with different levels of difficulty. Moreover, for this math test, there are a lot of people who are scared because they are very weak in counting lessons.

The Importance of Preparation Before Applying

There are still many people who underestimate the preparation for registration in  the CPNS of West Java.   In fact, doing this training is very important so that it can help you face the worst opportunities during the test later. As we know, so many people are fighting for the place of formation that they will do anything to skip the text.

Therefore, it is very important to do the preparation so that you can be prepared when faced with this very tough competition. However, there are still many people who think that the CPNS test is very simple, so it is easy to deal with. Even though in the text you will compete with many players for a place.

So you’re expected  to prepare from small to big things so that you can optimally answer questions. In fact, to do that preparation, it’s better if you do it in advance so that you don’t overlearn or speed up.

When you study carelessly, the material taught is easy to remember so that when you answer the  same question  , you don’t make a mistake, so here’s some of the latest information about CPNS that will take place  in West Java.

The competition for a single bench in a formation is also diverse, so you should check the environment to find out the percentage of acceptance or visibility in this CPNS.   What’s more, West Java’s CPNS  is one of the entities that many people pursue, so don’t let you lose too.

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