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The Importance of the Standard Chartered Call Center for Credit Card Users

The role of this Standard Chartered call center is extremely important, especially for credit card users. Because, many credit card users experience problems that cannot be addressed independently. So, they contacted the call center to find a solution to the problem they were experiencing.

This service itself has a variety of forms. In general, large companies offer call center services in the form of interactive calls. But now, several large companies offer call center services on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Generally speaking, millennials who communicate with the company’s integrated news channel via social media. However, for the speed and accuracy of the information, you are undoubtedly advised to contact the call center via an interactive telephone.

Call Center Work for Chartered Ordinary Consumers

This Standard Chartered call center is very important for consumers. This is because the presence of this call center is very helpful to users who are experiencing problems using credit cards. In addition, there are several other call center functions for Standard Chartered credit card users.


First task, this call center functions as a means of providing accurate information about the company. If users from Standard Chartered need valuable information about the company, then you can directly contact the call center service which is available for a full 24 hours.


Second job, this call center is also provided by the company to meet expectations or complaints from consumers. On average, users who contact Standard Chartered call centre want to lodge a complaint about employee performance.


In addition, the integrated information service centre provided by Standard Chartered is also tasked with considering all recommendations and inputs from users to be used as tools for corporate assessment.


And the final task is to answer all those questions asked by the consumer. Sometimes, users also often ask the call center about problems or transaction problems.


By communicating with an integrated information center service via an interactive phone, consumers hope to solve credit card problems directly without having to come to the nearest Standard Chartered branch office.

The Role of Standard Chartered Call Center for Companies

Apart from being useful to consumers, it seems that the role of the call center is also very important for companies such as Standard Chartered. This company engaged in bank, cash, and credit cards also requires call center responsibility for a number of things. Therefore, this is the role of the call center for a large company like Standard Chartered. Among them are the following:

  1. Providing Products to Consumers Over the Phone

First, this call center is responsible for delivering goods from regular rented credit cards to consumers via an interactive phone. For this reason, companies must hire employees who are smart and shrewd in providing products or Telemarketing.


  1. Offering attractive promotions offered by the company

Second, this call center also plays a big role in delivering interesting promotions offered by the company. In the hope that credit card users and credit candidates will be attracted to the promo. In that way, Standard Chartered credit card users are becoming increasingly prevalent in Indonesia.


  1. Providing information on the latest software about the company

Third, this call center also plays a major role in informing the latest apps from the company.


One of the programs during the coronavirus pandemic released by the company is a phased adjustment program for a new credit card opening program. That way, there are more and more users of Standard Chartered credit card in Indonesia.


  1. Providing Information on Credit Card Opening Requirements to Potential Customers

Fourth, the call centre has also been tasked with informing the requirements for opening a new credit card to potential customers. Because, potential users certainly don’t know in detail what requirements are required when opening a credit card. Therefore, call centers play a major role in engaging the needs and how to open a new credit card in Standard Chartered.


User Responses to Standard Chartered Call Center

As one of the international banks that withdraw funds in the form of credit cards, it is surprising that Standard Chartered always actively responds to complaints, suggestions, criticisms, and complaints from consumers.


For this reason, Standard Chartered has alerted a call center that can be contacted for 24 hours with users. Therefore, users can directly call the call center service at the number provided.


With the integrated information centre service offered by the bank, you don’t have to come to the Standard Chartered branch to find out the solution to the problem you’re facing.

You can immediately submit what is a complaint when you use a credit card. Naturally, a call center will assist you in solving the problem you are going through.


If you need more care, the call center will report on the problems or complaints users face. Then, the report will be sent to the relevant section. In addition, the Standard Chartered call centre will monitor so that your report can be dealt with immediately by the relevant team.


Although you communicate with the call center service, all the problems you experience can be addressed immediately. Moreover, the role of call center services is of paramount importance in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. So, please contact the call center from Standard Chartered instead of coming to the nearest branch office.


How to contact the Standard Chartered Call Center Service

For those who experience difficulties or difficulties while transacting using the Standard Chartered bank credit card, then we recommend reporting the problem immediately to the call center service.


There are two ways to communicate with this call center service. First way, please use your personal smartphone and dial 68000. Hitting the numbers, make sure you have enough credit. Because, you are charged a phone fee by the operator.


The second way to contact the Standard Chartered call center service  is to use a home number. There are 5 call center numbers based on your current domicile, namely Surabaya (031-5472888), Medan (061-4572888), Semarang (024-8450188), Jakarta (021-57999988), and Bandung (022-4219688).


Therefore, immediately contact Standard Chartered call center based on domicile. This is because the submitted complaints will not be answered if they are not in accordance with the consumer’s domicile. In addition to communicating via participatory phone, we also recommend that you make complaints again via email.


The goal is that the complaint is addressed immediately by the company. Please send an email to the address of Write email topics in the form of complaints, comments, or criticisms. Then, write a complaint, comment, or criticism. It also includes supporting images so that the report you submit to Standard Chartered call centre can be dealt with immediately.


And don’t forget, always follow up on reports so that the problems you encounter can be completely solved. That way, you don’t have to spend money to buy a loan and you don’t have to come to the nearest Standard Chartered branch office.


Standard Chartered is one of the international banking companies in Indonesia. The users of these banks are very numerous. So that the bank can provide call centre services to facilitate complaints, criticisms and suggestions from consumers.


For those who experience difficulties when using products from Standard Chartered, then immediately contact the Standard Chartered call center service  which operates for a full 24 hours.

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