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The corruption eradication commission or commonly abbreviated as KPK is an institution that is dedicated to eradicating corruption and also knows the address of  the KPK office. Its office is located on Jl. Kuningan Persada No.Kav. 4, RT.1 / RW.6, Guntur, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12950.

This commission is probably one of the most hated institutions by officials and people with power who want to do something cunning by committing abuses of power. Because every year this institution always catches the perpetrators who have harmed the state.

The institution that has an office address in South Jakarta does not only arrest perpetrators of corruption, or commonly called corruptors. But they will also hunt down other perpetrators of fraudulent actssuch as bribery, gratification, and many others.

In addition, the institution with the address of  the KPK office  located in South Jakarta has an independent nature. This means that he is working alone and free from the influence of any power in carrying out his duties and authorities.

That way the corruption eradication commission can always arrest state officials without any prohibition on doing so. This commission will take strict action by arresting the perpetrators or commonly referred to as hand-catching operations (OTT).

Already many high-ranking state officials ranging from regents, mayors, governors, to ministers will be arrestedfor their alleged cases of abuse of power.  After that, they will be processed according to the applicable law in Indonesia.

Definition of dari Corruption Eradication Commissionwith the Address  of the KPK Office in South Jakarta

As mentioned above, the KPK is an institution formed by the government with the aim of eradicating cases of abuse of power that can harm our beloved country of Indonesia.

The Commission, which has the address  of the KPK office  in South Jakarta, was established using the legal basis of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 30 of 2002 concerning the Corruption Eradication Commission.

The address of the KPK office  itself is located in South Jakarta with a distinctive and iconic building commonly referred to as the red and white building. This building had become a polemic in the process of its construction.

This commission has submitted a budget for the procurement of new buildings to the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia since 2012. However, the budget for the construction of the building was not approved until many years later.

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia made a statement regarding the non-approval of the budget for the construction of a new building because the DPR considersits  status as an ad hoc institution. So they suggested using government buildings that were no longer used only.

Then, in that year, the people also carried out a coin collection movement to help the construction of this  building so that it would be completed quickly and immediately used.  This illustrates the full public’s support for the commission’s performance  in eradicating criminal abuse of power in Indonesia.

The building with the address of  the KPK office  in South Jakarta is given a red and white color, of course it depicts the flag of our country.  Red means to be brave in eradicating corruption, white means topurify the country from corruptors.

In carrying out its  duties, this commission is guided by five principles, including legal certainty, openness, accountability, public interest, and proportionality.  In addition, the commission is accountable to the public and submits its reports openly and periodically to the President of Indonesia, the House of Representatives, and the CPC.

Knowing the Duties and Authorities of the  KPK

After knowingthemeaning and history of the establishment of this corruption eradication commission, the next step is to discuss its duties and functions. Every state institution established must have its own duties and authorities, including the corruption eradication commission.

Their duties and authorities are listed in Chapter II Article 6 of Law Number 30 of 2002 governing this matter. So they can freely perform their duties and authorities because they already have a clear and valid basis in the eyes of the law.

Here are some of the duties and authorities of the institution with  the address of the KPK office  in South Jakarta.

  1. Assignment
  • Coordination with authorized agencies to eradicate corruption.
  • Supervision of authorized agencies in carrying out the eradication of corruption cases.
  • Carry out investigations, investigations, and prosecutions of corruption perpetrators .
  • Taking preventive measures against corruption cases is carried out by corruptors.
  • Itis a monitor to every administration of our country.
  1. Authority
  • Conducting comprehensive coordination, namely the investigation, investigation and prosecution of corruption crimes.
  • Request information on anti-corruption activities to relevant agencies.
  • Mconducts hearings or meets with relevant agencies in committing criminal acts of corruption cases.
  • Requesta report to each authorized agency regarding the prevention of corruption crimes.

The following is the Vision and Mission of the KPK

Like other institutions with high reliability, in addition to having duties and authorities. Mereka also certainly has a vision and mission that is used as a guide in carrying out their task of eradicating the corruptors who cause the most losses to the state.

As the name implies, the institution with the address of the KPK office  in South Jakarta has its main vision and mission is to eradicate corruption in Indonesia. Here’s their vision and mission that you must know.

  1. KPK Vision

The KPK has a vision, namely together with the community to reduce the level of corruption in order to realize a developed Indonesia so that the people can prosper.

  1. KPK Mission
  • Increase prevention efforts by improving the administrative management system of state institutions and anti-corruption governments.
  • Increase prevention  efforts by conducting  comprehensive anti-corruption education.
  • The eradication of corruption is effective, accountable, professional, and in accordance with the law.
  • Assessing the level of accountability, work professionalism, and integrity of the komisi eradicating corruption in carrying out its duties and authorities.

Structure of the Following KPK Organization

Then, in order to run smoothly the duties and authorities, as well as the vision and mission of the institution with the address  of the KPK office  in South Jakarta, a solid organizational structure is needed, and of course has high competence in their respective fields.

The KPK is led by a leadership consisting of five people, a chairman concurrently as a member and four deputy chairmen concurrently members.  Each leader has a term of office of 4 years and may only be re-elected only once for the next term.

The following is an explanation of the organizational structure of the institution with  the address of  the KPK office  in South Jakarta.

  1. Leader

The KPK is led by five leaders, one of whom is the chairman and the rest become representatives in their respective fields.  The chairman of this commission  also concurrently serves as a member.

  1. Vice chairman

The vice chairman is the 4 leaders under the chairman directly. Among them:

  • Vice chairman for prevention.
  • Vice chairman of enforcement.
  • Vice chairman of information and data.
  • The deputy head of the field of domestic supervision  and public complaints.
  1. Tim penasihat

The penasihat  team has the function of  presenting suggestions to be considered in accordance with  their expertise to the corruption eradication commission in the implementation of their duties and authorities. The penasihat team also consists of 4 members according to the skills  they are good at.

  1. Other members

In addition, there are still several other ranks of members of the institution with the address of the KPK office  in South Jakarta, including.

  • Special staff.
  • Secretaryre-general.
  • Strategic planning center for the eradication of corruption.
  • Sekretariat leadership.
  • Dis in the field of education and community participation.
  • Deputy for prevention and monitoring.
  • Deputy for enforcement and execution.
  • Deputy for coordination and supervision.
  • Deputy for information and data.

Efforts to Weaken the KPK through the Bill

Some time ago, a case circulated, namely the effort toweaken this commission through  the KPK Bill  which generated many questions in the community, especially from experts who understood the implications of changes in the articles of the Law regulating the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Because lembaga with  the headquarters  of the KPK office in South Jakarta is an institution to eradicate corruption carried out by corruptors. Of course, many officials want to weaken, and limit their duties and authorities in eradicating corruptors.

That way officials can be free to commit corruption without fear of legal institutions that are ready to punish them.  If left alone, the Indonesian state can become a country that has fallen apart due to corruption cases.

Semenjak diusilkan Revision of  the KPK Law  has indeedprovoked many rejections and disagreements from various walks of life. Until its peak there was  an unstoppable student demonstration taking to the streets with its various demands until it ended with the meaning of the word  “Motion of No Confidence”.

So since the passage of the KPK Bill  , their performance  seems to be limited in their wiggle room, including in the efforts to eradicate corruption. Employees who are still idealistic, as well as critical, will have difficulty cracking down because they are restrained by bureaucratic rules and the length of time the mechanism is cut in their positions.

No wonder the news that had been circulating about the arrest of 51 of their employees  who argued that they did not pass the national insight test was just an intrigue based on a cunning purpose for brave employees and the anti-corruption  p ahlawa, because these are major current and old cases to be forgotten and left unattended.

List of Officials yang Ever Brought ke KPK Office Address Because Of Corruption Case

The institution, headquartered at the KPK office address  precisely on Jl. Kuningan Persada No.Kav. 4, RT.1 / RW.6, Guntur, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12950, does not hesitate in conducting hand-catching operations for corruption suspects or commonly called corruptors.

This is also an advantage possessed by them because they are independent and free from attachment to a power. That way they are indiscriminate in catching corruptors who can harm the country.

The institution, which has the address of  the KPK office  in South Jakarta, has arrested perpetrators of corruption ranging from the position of lurah to ministers who serve in the cabinet with the president. Here are some of the names of officials who have been arrested by them for the case that ensnared them.

  1. Azis shamsuddin

Aziz syamsuddin is the deputy speaker of the house of representatives who was named as a suspect by the KPK in connection with a case of alleged bribery in the government of Lampung Tengah district, Lampung province.

He is recorded to have assets amounting to Rp 100,321,069,365.  The assets he owns are in the form of land and buildings, motor vehicles and other movable property. He allegedly got the property from bribes that led to his arrest by the KPK.

  1. Regent of probolinggo puput tantriana sari

Puput was arrested by the KPK in an OTT operation in Probolinggo, East Java.  The non-active regent of Probolinggo has a total wealth  of  Rp. 10,019,266,906.   His property consists of home assets, luxury vehicles, and also other valuable onions.

  1. Official of the Directorate General of Ministryerian Kuangan Dadan Ramdani

Dadan ramdani was arrested after being a suspect in the corruption of receiving gifts or promises related to tax inspections in 2016 and 2017. He has a total wealth of Rp 953,039,247.

The performance of the KPK is considered very good because it can catch corruptors who harm the state. The institution, which has the address  of the KPK office  in Jakarta Selatan, is also the largest contributor to the state treasury derived from the confiscated property of corruptors.

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