Gojek Office Address in Indonesia Latest 2022: SudutKebun

Being the largest transportation company in Indonesia, making gojek office addresses hunted by many people. The reason is that a person’s activities in traveling become easier. This is not only true of big cities.

Gojek has become part of all corners of Indonesia. Its ease of access and service give satisfaction to loyal users. Moreover, the pick-up process takes place very quickly.

This certainly makes the owner of the online transportation company establish a company at some point. The goal is to provide communication facilities to drivers and office employees to run more effectively.

Even now, you can find the address of gojek offices in remote parts of the country. This is certainly proof that this large company has succeeded in encroaching into all parts of Indonesia very quickly, regardless of the beginning of its formation.

Gojek, an Online Transportation Company

Who doesn’t currently know Gojek? One of the largest online transportation companies in Indonesia. The beginning of its formation began in 2020 in the capital city of DKI Jakarta. Where, the establishment of this company had caused a reaction of pros and cons.

However, with a detailed approach and explanation of the good impact that can occur with the existence of Gojek. The whole problem can be resolved properly. One of them is related to traffic jams that never stop circling Jakarta.

The company has grown larger since the beginning of 2014. Where Nadiem Makarim as the owner of Gojek received a lot of investment so that the business development was carried out very large. It is proven that the increase in drivers along with the renewal of the transaction process.

At the beginning of its formation, the office address was only centered in the Capital. The goal is to overcome all transportation problems that exist in Jakarta and its surroundings. However, over time developments continued to occur until they formed the current Gojek.

Gojek Office Address Updated

The success of the company that had caused pros and cons at the beginning of its establishment. Of course, it makes many parties curious. Moreover, currently 77 locations spread almost throughout Indonesia, some of which are as follows:

1. Head Office Gojek

The first time before you know the many locations of the service places. Make sure to get to know Gojek’s Head Office first. Because the head office will have a more complete type of service than in each branch in each region.

If you want to visit, you can go to Blok M market with the position of Building B on the 6th floor. The gojek office address that you can enter is Jalan Iskkamur 2, RT/RW 07/02, melawai. To be precise, South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12160.

2. Location of Registration and Complaints Services

If you intend to file a registration or complaint against several things. You can visit two different office addresses. Where both of them stand with the aim of providing services to the registration and application process.

First, you can find offices around Jalan Cilkamur KKO. The company’s Building number is 05. It is precisely located in the area in front of the Indonesian Marine Soldier hall, where this location specifically accepts registration.

If you are going to make a complaint against the company. Both in the form of complaints and input on office services. Walking to the East Kemang area with the number Of Building 21, South Jakarta is the right choice.

3. Jakarta

Although the center of the company’s office is in Jakarta. In the establishment of the Branch office, Gojek also continued to build again with locations around the capital. You can find it in the East Kemang area No. 21 South Jakarta, which is the same as the complaints office.

4. Bali

Become the center of major tourist destinations in Indonesia. Creating a gojek office address around Bali, can be found in three places at once.  Where this aims to make it easier for tourists to do transportation, and introduce native Indonesian companies to many parties.

First, you can find on the street Teuku Umar Barat. Located right building number 18 in the Denpasar area of Bali. This location is considered very strategic in shaping personal branding more broadly utilizing tourist destinations.

Second, the location can be found next to ADIRA Finance. Right around Gianyar, Bali. You can evacuate it to the Area of Jalan By Pass Dharma Giri. Located in the center of Gianyar city, namely Br. Candi Baru, Gianjar, Bali.

5. Aceh

Next, gojek’s office address was also successfully formed in the western tip of Indonesia. Being the largest transit location, of course, aims to increase consumer recognition and use. So, the benefits obtained are even greater.

6. Bandar Lampung

Furthermore, Bandar Lampung is the company’s branch choice. You can find it easily around Gotong Royong Village. Precisely on Jalan MH Thamrin with the number Building 10E RT. 08.

7. Bandung

The capital city of West Java is also a target for companies in increasing recognition of the community. Moreover, this flower city attracts many tourists with the existence of its plantations in the area.

However, you can find the location of the Gojek company easily around the center of Bandung. Located around Jalan Kiaracondong or commonly known as H. Ibrahim Adjie. The building number is 372A, Binong village, Batununggal District.

8. Banjarmasin

When you visit Banjarmasin. No need to worry, because you can also visit gojek’s office address there. The location is right next to the Traktor Indonesia office, namely Jalan Ahmad Yani, Gambut village, South Kalimantan.

9. Banyuwangi

Before heading to Bali, you will usually transit first around Banyuwangi. There you can also visit Jalan S. Parman No. 79. Usually known as Ruko Delta Pesona, where the company’s branch is located.

10. Batam

Although it is across the border of Singapore. You can still find the address of the Gojek office in the Batam area. Precisely behind Bank BTN Pelita, Komp. Ruko Regency park with numbers 20-21 block II.

11. Bekasi

If you visit Bekasi. You can find the location of the complaint or service in the Marga Mulya area, North Bekasi. Around Ruko Emerald Summarecon Blok UB 11-12.

12. Belitung

Belitung is also one of the cities of choice for the formation of branch companies. You can visit it around Kampung Parit, Tanjung Padang District. It is located around Veterans street with building number 268.

13. Bitung

Bitung area which is around Wolter Monginsidi street you can also find branch companies. The location is right Bitung Tengah, Madidir, Pajeda.

14. Bogor

Although it is not so far from Jakarta or Bandung. The company continues to create branches in the Bogor area. The address of the gojek office in Bogor area is around Jalan KH Sholeh Iskkamur, Number 88A, Cibadak, Cereal land.

15. Bukit Tinggi

You can also find branch locations around Bukit Tinggi. The location is right On Jalan By Pass, in front of orange futsal. Lower Koto, Mandiangin district.

16. Cilacap

If you are looking for a branch company in the Cilacap area. Right in front of the Honda ORIGINAL MOTOR Showroom, you can find it easily. Located in the area of S Parman street number 5, Cilacap.

17. Cirebon

The next gojek office address is the Cirebon area. Right on Jalan Veteran Number 31 with RT/RW 01/02 Kelurahan Kelurahan Kejaksaan, Kejaksaan, Cirebon.

18. Depok

Depok is also one of the cities that is very close to Jakarta. If you want to visit Gojek’s office, it only takes a few minutes. However, the company continued to open branches with the position of Rukan Pesona View Blok B1, Mekar Jaya Jalan Ir. H. Jukamu.

19. Hard

The address of the gojek office in duri area is right in front of Indomaret. The location is on Jalan Mawar Rt/Rw 04/05 with building number 32B, Balik Alam, Mkamuu District, Duri.

20. Arrowroot

Garut is one of the famous cities of the Sundanese area. You can find a branch of Ojek Online company in the middle of this rural area. The location is right on Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Anarto Mall Ruko C2, Haurpanggung Village, Garut.

21. Gorontalo

Very far from the reach of Java, it does not necessarily make the founders of the company make an exception. You can find branches around Jalan H.B Jassin Number 580A, Liluwo village. Right in front of the Islamic Hospital in Gorontalo City.

22. Gresik

If you settle in the Gresik area. Finding the address of the gojek office can still be done easily and quickly. This is because the company built a branch around the Gresik Babat highway in the Green Garden complex number 21 Block A2.

23. Jambi

The Jambi area can be found around Jalan Hayam Wuruk Number 47 C. Precisely Talang Jauh Village, Jelutung District, Jambi.

24. Jember

Close to Banyuwangi, the city of Jember also has a gojek office address because a branch has been built. The location is in the Area of Ruko Talangsari Block B-2. Around KH Street. Wahid Hasyim, Jember Kidul, Jember Regency.

25. Kediri

Kediri is divided into two regions, namely Regency and City. Although very close, the residents of the Regency had to go to the City to find the address of the gojek office. Precisely located on Jalan Brigadier Jenderal Katamso Number 114, Kp Dalem, Kediri District.

26. Holy

In the holy area, the location of the branch can be visited. The area is around Ruko PO Haryanto. Located at building number 4, East Ring Road RT/RW 3/2, Kudus Regency.

27. Madiun

You can visit the online ojek branch around Madiun. The location is around the kartoharjo area. Right on the road MH Thamrin No. 95a, Klegen.

28. Pamekasan-Madura

Pamekasan is the city center of Madura. So that this will definitely be made a branch of the company. You can find it next to the oppo service center near Jung Cang Village, Jl. Kabupaten number 77.

29. Magelang

The location of the Branch Office of the Internship area, can be enlivened on Colonel Sugiyono street, Kelurahan Kemirirejo, Magelang Tengah District at building number 2B.

30. Unfortunate

The center of education is very rapid, making Malang a strategic location in the company’s personal branding. You can also find it more easily related to the office around Jalan L.A Sucipto 90A, Blimbing area.

Based on a total of 77 addresses of companies that develop branches almost the entire city. You can choose one of the 30 data that has been provided. Make sure to follow every rule that has been given, because the office always has its own rules.

Knowing the exact location of the company. Especially for those who are in the same province or city, it will make it easier for you in many ways. The reason is, the process of managing data and submitting complaints will be processed faster.

Gojek always prioritizes the company and its entire employees. You can continue to recognize each address, if there are unwanted bad problems later. Therefore, make sure the gojek office address can be known correctly.

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