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C enters CIMB Niaga and M already enters Di contactungi.

You  know  the CIMB Niaga call center, which is easy to contact to avoid fraud.  In the current era, increasingly sophisticated technologies have led to several positive and negative impacts. The areas that have had both positive and negative impacts are the customer service sector.

In this day and age, customer service can be done through a call center. The presence of this is certainly very beneficial to the customer, and you do not have to bother going to the bank to make complaints and other things. You can get customer service just by sitting at home.

Bank CIMB is a long-established banking company since 1955, at which time the name was Nia Bank. In 1987, the bank was the first pioneer, better known as an ATM or ATM, and launched the most advanced banking system.

Brief description of CIMB Business Development

Being a professional banking company, CIMB Bank has become one of the largest banks in Indonesia and has been audited for mentioning its assets. The bank has a CIMB Niaga call center that is easy to contact.

The bank CIMB provides the main services of providing capital loans and providing loans for home loans. Here’s because CIMB rates it as one of the largest and best credit service providers in the United States.

In addition to credit services, CIMB Bank  also offers a variety of banking services such as tabungan deposits.  You can also apply for car loans, free loans, foreign exchange shipping, SpeedSeend, and many other services.

A brief history of CIMB Niaga when it was called Bank Niaga. Since 1976, Niaga has undergone innovations to create professional credit programs, and these loans have been aimed at doctors and other professionals. At the time, the program had quite a few fans.

From 1981 to 1982, Niaga Bank created a banking program using an online-based system. That year, Niaga Bank was the first pioneer in building online-based banking. In addition, the program creates branches in several regions.

Non-visionary thinking continues to be proven by making new breakthroughs. Around 1987, the bank became the first banking company to offer new features of cash withdrawal with ATM machines. The name change to CIMB Niaga occurred in 2008.

C enters the  CIMB Niaga that M  has already contacted at any time by D  .

Previously, this specialized bank offered this call canter service free of charge, free of charge. However, this is no longer the case, so if you want to do a call canter service, I recommend using a wired service. In addition, depending on the provider,  you can also contact us via phone with  a credit discount.

The amount of credit quota deducted depends on  the provider and the minutes of the call. Rp. 1,801 permenit, XL Rp.  1,810 permenit, Indosat Rp. 65 permenit, Axis, Rp. 897 permenit, Tri Rp. 801 permenit and Rp. 990 permenit around Smartfreen.

In  order  to enjoy the service of the CIMB Niaga Call Center, which you can easily contact through the number 14041.  When using this service, you can ask more about your bank’s product information. In addition to being useful for finding more information about the product, you can also find a solution to your banking problem.

Common banking operations such as lost passbook, lost pin, lost debit or credit card, blocking debit or credit card, etc. You can also use the Contact Email Service to ask questions about your bank problems.

You   don’t have  to   worry because there are several CIMB Niaga call center services that are easy and easy to try, and don’t burden you with credit costs.   You can contact them through social media accounts, i.e. Twitter @cimbniaga, Instagram @cimb_niaga, and the CIMBIndonesia Facebook page.

Tips to avoid fraud

With the development of the times, many people use technology to commit crimes. One of them is to create a fake account or a fake contact center. In order to be fooled by a scam  , you need some tips.

The first step is not to fall easily into the promotion. Many people fall into the trap of scammers because of attractive promotions. This promotion can be in the form of a profitable balance bonus. All centers CIMB Niaga can only be easily contacted by number 14046, and other than that number, it is most likely a scam.

The second step is to keep your bank account pin safe. Don’t let others know because  keeping  your bank account pin kamu can have a bad effect. Someone suddenly calls you and gives you a gift, but the condition  has to tell Pin  not to give  it  .

The last is that sometimes you don’t give your OTP code to others. This OTP code is a temporary password that is sent via SMS or email in the form of multi-digit characters. If you have any problems, contact the CIMB Niaga Call Center, which is easy to contact immediately.

The call center helps  CIMB Nia find the recommended type of savings.

Savings in a CIMB bank are worth considering because the banking products have many interesting features and security is guaranteed. Opening a new CIMB Niaga savings account is so easy that you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Saving is the first step in preparing for a brighter life in the future. Saving in a bank is the most appropriate thing because it is guaranteed to be secure and provides a complete service tailored to the needs of the customer. Well,  if you’re confused about what types of savings CIMB Niaga offers under the review.

CIMB Nia has Xtra savings. This type of savings comes with a variety of benefits, such as free administrative costs, a free fee of up to $1 million per day during hospital treatment, and no administrative fees when transferring to a fellow CIMB Niaga.  Open an Xtra savings account through the CIMB Niaga call center for easy contact.

AirAsia Savings Saver. The advantage of opening an AirAsia Saver savings account type is that you  will not be exposed to administration fees when withdrawing ATMs and that you will receive cash back on the purchase of AirAsia tickets through the official website.

Hypermart Saver Commercial Savings is perfect for those who love shopping.  You can also get a variety of other benefits. For more information on this savings, please contact the CIMB Niaga Call Center immediately and easily contact us above.

Established savings are suitable for millennials. Opening a savings account allows you to  reap long-term benefits in a guaranteed form of life in the future. There are also many other advantages, such as getting a free premium, the interest rate is also relatively low, at about 7.24%, and there are many other advantages.

There are many advantages to entrusting CIMB Niaga Bank as a banking solution. Other times, you can use savings services to reap quite a lot of cashback benefits.  If you would like to know the latest banking services from CIMB Niaga,  please contact the CIMB Niaga Call Center where you can easily get in touch with the numbers listed above and by email.

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