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Bosch Service Center serves personal repair of home appliances

Bosch Service Center is a service for users of Bosch products who need advice or repair of various equipment of this brand. As one of the devices with decades of experience, Boschku serves not only the sale of goods and accessories, but also after-service service.

Bosch is known as a leading brand of household appliances that places great emphasis on preserving the environment. Patent applications owned by this company are 40% related to environmental protection. It’s no wonder if you find the “Green Technology Inside” logo on this company’s products.

Although it supports the idea of recycling, the products offered can work well and vigorously so that it is very suitable to meet the daily needs.  You can find a set of kitchen utensils, refrigerators for various other household appliances in this brand.

Although it has a high service life that does not make Bosch products easily damaged, Bosch service centers still provide services. Because basically within a certain period of use, the item will definitely be damaged.

The repair service  provided is available online on the official website of Start with public service of kitchen goods and other household appliances, assistance services, purchase of spare parts, video instructions on your own use and repairs through your fingers.

FAQs about Bosch products

Bosch offers a variety of household appliances based on the latest technology that sometimes confuses early adopters so they need guidance when using them for the first time. Therefore, the Bosch Service Center also provides  support services for the use of the product.

You can access the official website find user manuals for electrical tools, both new and unsold on the market.  You can  downloadthe manual and then print it. For products that are no longer marketed, enter the serial number of the tool to receive the user manual.

In addition to accessing the website, you can also use the telephone service (021) 3005 6565 to ask customer service directly about the product and how to use the product. The guide will be provided directly so you can follow step by step in a row.

Not only for consumers who already have Bosch’s flagship products, you can also contact the call center line by you product enthusiasts. Please contact us to ask questions about the products marketed. All questions regarding small and large household appliances will be answered by the BOSCH CS Service Center.

Bosch equipment repair technology reservation

For consumers experiencing problems with Bosch household goods, there is no need to get confused about making repairs. Because all problems related to the product can be corrected by using the services of mechanics in the customer service department. Log in to the official website  then visit the service page.

You will find a menu to order technically. Please complete the form provided, from the description of the journalist’s name, address, contact number, up to the code of the equipment. The E-NR or type number is very important to fill in, because it is the identification of the item to be corrected.

Please fill in the E-NR numberor takea picture of this product’s identification plate. Also add the FD date, date of purchase, and enter a message containing the resulting damage. For example, the dishwasher does not turn on or the fridge does not emit a cold.

By filling out the full form,  the Bosch Support Center can quickly process your request. If the service request has been verified, the administrator will contact you to determine the technician’s arrival schedule to carry out the inspection. The time selection will be adapted to your time and  the technician’s work schedule.

After a technician has carried out the inspection, he will be notified of what damage has been caused, how it is handled, whether or not he insists on replacing spare parts, as well as repair costs. If it is still within  the warranty period  , it is not necessary to incur repair costs, only when it is outside the warranty period, it is necessary to pay the service costs.

You can also technically order via telephone service that can be contacted on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (local time). On weekends and red dates, the telephone service is released, but online services are still available.

Bosch vara sjálfshjálparmyndband

Bosch Service Centers also provide help with troubleshooting independently by consumers with video troubleshooting.  You can face some fundamentals by watching instructional videos that are easy to understand and apply. Even without a manual, you can do it.

Find out step by step that it provides simple steps to use Bosch products. It doesn’t require much, it’s easy to learn and apply so simple problems can be handled on your own without the help of a technician. In addition to the repair video, there is also a video for maintenance.

Knowing how to make the best care for your household goods, the lower the risk of being damaged and can increase the usability of the product.   Bosch service centers also offer online maintenance assistance features to make it easier for consumers to take care of themselves at home.

This kind of service teaches consumers to be more independent so they don’t always rely on technicians to make minor repairs. In addition to making it easier, it also enhances the user’s knowledge of various ways of improvement through specially designed video guides and pays attention to aspects of the user’s convenience.

Consumers can also find video instructions for use so that they don’t make mistakes when using products, especially for electrical products. In addition, there are simple tutorials in cooking videos with Bosch products that produce a variety of delicious foods in a short period of time and are easy to follow.

Spare parts and accessories for household appliances

The Bosch Service Center also offers a variety of spare parts for household appliances, even for old products.  You just have to check the availability of spare parts on the official website or contact the call center. Name the EN-R code for detailed information.

Then find the nearest merchant or service point that provides these spare parts.  You can place an order online and a team of technicians will come to deliver the items that help carry out the repairs. Fast, quality and reliable service is a priority of the Bosch service.

In addition to spare parts, there are also various accessories that can complement home appliances. Many appliances can be equipped with accessories such as filters and replacement of vacuum cleaners for vacuum cleaners, kitchen utensils in addition to bosch kitchens and various other accessories.

Choosing the appropriate accessories as well as being suitable for use along with this equipment will add aesthetics so that it looks chic and beautifies the layout of your home. For example, kitchen and baking utensils equipped with reliable and stylish kitchenware, as well as a variety of care products so that the design of the kitchen looks epic.

You can also consult on the purchase of items and accessories with a Bosch Consultant so that the purchase is more targeted.   You only buy suitable and useful items so you can save expenses. In addition, buying goods without calculation causes you to collect unused products.

To maintain customer satisfaction, Bosch provides after-sales service by providing offline and online services to all users of the latest and oldest product.  You can contact the Bosch Support Centre via the website or phone number for assistance.

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